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21 Side Dishes You Can Serve with Christmas Ham

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Planning on making a classic ham for your Christmas dinner this year? Great choice — it’s one of our top picks for a holiday meal, too. This large, savory cut of meat is ideal for a crowd and easy to make, whether you opt for the oven or your slow cooker (just don’t forget the glaze!).

With ham in hand, it’s time for the side dishes. Each of these will work beautifully with a ham; we are especially partial to those like kohlrabi, cabbage, or Brussels sprouts that add a funky or vegetable-forward complement to the sweet, rich ham.

Essential Ham Recipes

A good honey-roasted ham is such an easy main dish for a holiday dinner, as it’s big, generous, and requires almost no cooking from you. Here are our favorite methods for making one.

Delicious Vegetable Sides

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Comforting Potato Sides


Grain & Pilaf Sides

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