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The Single Most Useful Snacking Rule I Give My KidC868彩票:Plan & Prep
My main struggle with snacks is that when I’m bored, I want to snack. My daughter is the same way, but it was hard for her to accurately gauge (not to mention communicate) if she was bored or actually hungry — especially when she was a toddler. My husband and I would inevitably find that in the window of time before dinner, she would come clamoring up to us, asking for a snack. Out of this came our family’s most important snacking rule, and one I try to get everyone to follow.
Apr 3, 2019
Next Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Easy Instant Pot DinnersC868彩票:Plan & Prep
March brings without warning a little bit of busyness back to our slow winter routine. There are Girl Scout cookies to sell, field clean-up days for t-ball, and the like amid our regular weeknight routines of dinner, homework, and baths. This week is particularly busy and includes a few nights where we have just an hour to eat together before dashing off or one or more grown-ups is out of the house for meetings.
Mar 9, 2019
Explainer: Everything You Need to Know About Meal TrainsC868彩票:Plan & Prep
There was a year or two of my life where it felt like every week I was being added to a meal train for friends welcoming new babies, or moving, or losing loved ones. If you’re not familar, meal trains are calendars that coordinate meals for our loved ones, usually when they’re going through a life change. Maybe they’ve just had a baby and are busy with diapers and new sleep routines. Maybe they’re grieving over the loss of a parent so they can’t cook for themselves.
Jan 30, 2019
10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More ColorfullyC868彩票:Plan & Prep
There are many parenting paradigms that really needed to be examined with fresh eyes and approached in a totally different way. Case in point? Our obsession with getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. It can be tempting to approach the end of some seasons — the holidays, lax summer seasons, or even vacation — with an inclination to get our families, especially young kids, to eat better.
Jan 1, 2019
I’m Not Sure Edible Slime Is Actually a Good ThingC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Kids love slime, kids love Jell-O, kids love eating whatever they’ve just spent the last hour throwing on the floor, and now that JELL-O is producing “Edible Slime,” all three of those things have converged.
Nov 16, 2018
75+ Easy, Wholesome Food Ideas for Toddlers & PreschoolersC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Toddler parents know this one thing to be true: A hungry toddler is a cranky toddler. And while we’re often in a rush to feed our littlest eaters before they melt down, we also want to make sure they are regularly trying new foods and getting balanced nutrition, too. Need fresh ideas? We got you. Some of my fellow editors (all parents!) and I brainstormed a massive list of our favorite easy and wholesome toddler food ideas — and below, you’ll find all of them.
Oct 13, 2018
10 Parents on How They Got Their Kids to Eat More VegetablesC868彩票:Plan & Prep
“How can I get my kids to eat more vegetables?” is a question I get often as a mom who also cooks and writes about food for a living. It is also a question that I ask myself often. Vegetables are a pain point at mealtimes because parents know they are nutrient-dense, but kids often think they taste gross (even when they are coated in cheese and butter).
Sep 28, 2018
The One Thing to Remember When Dealing with Picky EatersC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Parents will go to extreme lengths to get picky eaters to eat something. When my boyfriend was a kid, for example, he would only eat pizza — nothing else would suffice — so his mom resorted to creating pizza-like dishes. Chicken Parm suddenly became “pizza chicken,” and it was finally OK for him to eat. Sound familiar? Trying to feed a picky eater feels like a never-ending, thankless task.
Sep 20, 2018
The Best Fruit-Centric Snacks to Pack in Your Kid’s LunchC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Fruit is like the hole-in-one of my children’s lunch boxes; it is one of the few things my kids are guaranteed to eat every day. (The same cannot be said for green vegetables or even baby carrots.) The pitfall of fruit is that some of its best specimens — summer strawberries, delicate fall pears — take a beating in transportation from backpack to bus stop to school cubby.
Aug 27, 2018
12 One-Pot Back-to-School Dinners for Busy ParentsC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Because that first week back to school can be tough!
Aug 24, 2018
I’m a Dietitian and I Changed My Mind About Sugar in My Kids’ LunchC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Being a mother, registered dietitian, and food writer, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how best to feed kids. With my own three daughters, I’ve managed certain aspects of feeding them successfully (they’re enthusiastic vegetable eaters) and others less gracefully (I may or may not sometimes trade lollipops for good behavior). Like all aspects of parenting, it took me a while to find my feet in the realm of feeding a family.
Aug 22, 2018
5 Questions I Ask My Kids Before Packing Their LunchC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Depending on where you are in the country, the new school year is either underway or fast approaching. My own first grader is headed back to school next week. It has been a whole year since I’ve regularly packed her lunch box (she had half-day kindergarten last year), so getting back into our school lunch groove has involved dusting off the lunch bags, shopping for a few new supplies, and talking about school lunch.
Aug 15, 2018
10 Moms on How They Deal with SugarC868彩票:Plan & Prep
We know most kids seem to love sugary foods. What we often don’t know is how to decide how much sugar is too much, whether we should use sugar as a reward, or when we should let our kids indulge in the sugar-laced treats we say are off-limits. Parenting is not an exact science; there’s usually no firm right or wrong answer for child-rearing questions when it comes to food. And sometimes choosing what’s best for your family is a matter of shopping around for ideas.
Aug 1, 2018
10 Moms on the One Vegetable Their Kids Love to EatC868彩票:Plan & Prep
I’m pretty sure kids have hated vegetables since the beginning of time. One of these days anthropologists will unearth new cave paintings depicting families eating dinner together, and there, between the fire and the spear, will be a pictograph of a kid refusing to try his spinach. That’s the kid mine descended from, at least. I really try not to hate the moms who say, “Oh, vegetables? I just stick anything I can into Sally’s sandwich, and she eats it.
Jul 30, 2018
If You Want to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies, This Is What You Need to DoC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Getting kids to eat veggies is often a challenge. Pasta, rice, and bread are easy, but lots of kids shy away from the more complex — and healthy — stuff. I’ve been lucky with my girls: They mostly eat their vegetables (sometimes even with gusto!). Still, if they had a choice between cheese and crackers or spinach? Yeah, they’re going for the crackers.
Jul 30, 2018
10 Cool Moms on When to Break the Rules About Healthy EatingC868彩票:Plan & Prep
Here’s how “mom life” is supposed to work: You get home from long days of (fill in the blank: work, school, play, travel, life), open the fridge, and find an abundance of fruits and vegetables for a perfect nutritious meal. (You’re doing such a good job of planning ahead these days!) The kids play quietly while things come together in about 30 minutes, and someone else takes over the dishes while you have a few minutes to relax before the bedtime routine begins.
Jul 25, 2018
10 Moms on the Best Tricks for Packing a Better LunchC868彩票:Plan & Prep
How each parent defines a “better lunch” is different. For some, it might mean more healthful food choices (or even just a little weekly variety); for others, it might simply mean something that doesn’t come back home at 3 p.m. Whether you’re looking to get calories in, expand your kids’ palates, or make lunch-making less boring for yourself, there’s always room for new ideas.
Jul 18, 2018
5 Tips for Organizing Healthy Snacks Kids Can Get ThemselvesC868彩票:Plan & Prep
While I am generally not a fan of my kids snacking, there are times — like right when they get home from school — when they just want a little something. Immediately. And they don’t care that I’m actively cooking dinner that will be ready in five minutes. So while I’d rather they not snack, I’m also a realist. As long as I can guide them toward something healthy, I know they can feed their growing bellies.
May 22, 2018
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