This Pan Is Meant to Do the Work of 8 Pieces of Cookware — Here’s My Honest Review of It
Bonus: Right now, you can get it for just $95 with code SUPERSALE!
Nov 24, 2020
We Tried the Carbon Steel Skillet That Keeps Selling Out — and It’s on Major Sale Right Now
Here's why I think you should hurry up and buy this pan yourself. Before it sells out again.
Nov 23, 2020
The Very Best Cast Iron Skillets You Can Buy
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Nov 18, 2020
This Amazing Little Stick Helped Bring My Cast Iron Skillet Back from the Brink
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It reminds me of deodorant!
Nov 17, 2020
The $35 Pan I’ll Be Using on Repeat All Winter Long
"I'm using it for veggies, pizza, nachos, totchos, crispy gnocchi, bacon, brownies, frittatas, and so much more."
Nov 13, 2020
The 10 Best Gifts to Order from the Small Cookware Brands That Dominated 2020
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Including a budget-friendly Dutch oven, a sleek nonstick skillet, a cool knife set, and more.
Nov 12, 2020
This Nonstick Ceramic Dutch Oven Is Beyond My Wildest Cookware Dreams
It's seriously beyond my wildest dreams.
Nov 11, 2020
The Cookware Site That Has Something for Everyone on Your Shopping List
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One-stop shopping.
Nov 9, 2020
The Single Best Thing You Can Possibly Do for Your Cast Iron Skillet
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Any guesses?
Nov 9, 2020
I’m Cheating on My Cast Iron Skillet with This Pan and It’s Giving Me All Sorts of Feelings
It was 50 bucks and worth every penny.
Nov 3, 2020
The Very Best Kitchen Gifts of All Time
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Whether you're shopping for someone who just learned how to make grilled cheese or misses her weekly dinner parties, you're sure to find something for everyone on your list.
Nov 2, 2020
I Tried the $120 Dutch Oven That’s Even Prettier than a Le Creuset
No complaints here!
Nov 1, 2020
I’ve Used Nearly Every Roasting Pan Out There. Here Are My Favorites.
These are my three favorites, based on what you need and how much you're willing to spend.
Oct 29, 2020
The Simple Life Hack Everyone Should Know, According to Reddit
Hint: It's a trick for saving big on pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies.
Oct 26, 2020
This Tiny Trick Will Totally Change How You Look at (and Use!) Your Pots and Pans
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Mind. Blown.
Oct 21, 2020
I Tried 8 Nonstick Skillets That Cost $20 or Less — And One Blew Me Away
It's actually from a commercial line, so it's got a pro-level look and some impressive heft to it.
Oct 20, 2020
The IKEA 2021 Catalog Dropped Today — These Are the New Finds We’re Most Excited About
We've got the link to the brand new catalog!
Oct 20, 2020
The Pot We Love for All of Our One-Pot Pasta Recipes
... and more!
Oct 19, 2020
What You Really Need to Know About Exploding Glass Bakeware
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ALWAYS set a hot dish on a dry cloth potholder!
Oct 15, 2020
The Ridiculously Impressive Dutch Oven I Love Is Just $30 for Prime Day
I highly recommend it!
Oct 13, 2020
What's the Difference Between Nonreactive and Reactive Pans?
Tips from The Kitchn
It's science!
Oct 12, 2020
What Is a Splatter Screen & How Do You Use It?
How much time do you spend wiping up the stovetop?
Oct 7, 2020
The Best Baking and Cookie Sheets, According to the Best Experts
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Because every home cook (even non-bakers!) need a good sheet pan or three.
Oct 6, 2020
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cast Iron Skillet
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You can use soap! It doesn't actually heat up all that evenly!
Oct 5, 2020
I Tried the Sheet Pan That Originally Sold Out in Just 4 Hours
Here's my honest review.
Oct 1, 2020
This $26 Omelet Pan Has More than 8,500 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon
Breakfast at home will never be the same.
Sep 27, 2020
5 Simple Tools All Home Cooks Should Be Sure to Have This Time of Year
Especially if you're even *thinking* about making a holiday meal.
Sep 26, 2020
I’ve Been Using Made In Cookware for a Year Now
Here's my honest review of it, and how it compares to my beloved All-Clad.
Sep 25, 2020
I Tried the $95 Dutch Oven That’s Sold Through a Members-Only Shopping Club — Here’s What I Thought
Could this 6-quart pot be made at the same factory as Le Creuset or Staub? We investigated!
Sep 23, 2020
We Asked Our 1.2 Million Insta Followers to Name Drop Their Favorite Tools
Here's what came up again and again ... and again.
Sep 22, 2020
I’ve Been Using Abbio Cookware for Almost a Year — Here’s My Honest Review
The nonstick skillets are still super nonstick!
Sep 16, 2020
This Pan Is a Dutch Oven, Skillet, and Stockpot in One — Here’s My Honest Review of It
The stainless steel pot and the skillet work together to become a Dutch oven! Brilliant!
Sep 9, 2020
We Tried 5 Methods for Cleaning Dutch Ovens and Found a Clear Winner
Cleaning Showdown
The winner has actually been Kitchn's preferred method for years.
Aug 28, 2020
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